Saturday, June 9, 2012

My collection of Rwandan stamps - Pt4

Ok this is the last part here. These are all the Rwandan stamps I have. I am looking hard for all of the issues of Ruanda Urundi too. It will be good to have most of the stamps of Ruanda Urundi, Burundi and Rwanda in my African stamps album.

1981, Meat eating animals, Cerval
1981, Paintings and Frescoes of St. Benedict
1981, Intl. Year of the disabled
1981, National rural water supply year
1982, World food day
1982, Flowers
1982, Soccer players
1982, 10th Anniv. of UN Conference on human environment
1983, Scouting year

1983, Nectar sucking birds
1983, Soil erosion prevention
1983, Gorillas
1984, Local trees
1984, World communications year
1989, Medicinal plants
1989, Rural organization year
1989, Cardinal Lavigerie, Founder of the Order of White Fathers and Sisters, Death Cent.

1998, Wildlife
1998, Plants
1998, Remembrance of genocide victims

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