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Canada 1972 - 1981

Of the years 1972 to 1981, here are short descriptions of some of the complete sets in my collection.

Caricature and Landscape Definitives
Caricatures: 1973-77: This low value series was probably the most controversial of all Canadian definitive issues. Not only was the reigning monarch replaced on all but the first-class issues, but many felt that the single-colour steel engraved caricature designs did not do justice to the Prime Ministers and to Queen Elizabeth II.
Landscapes: 1972-77: The Landscapes definitive series debuted with the large sized $1 and $2 values in early 1972. The five medium values were released towards the end of summer in the same year. The  $2 stamp is the only missing one from the set in my collection.
Mar 9, 1973: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, centenary.

Aug 2, 1973: Visit to Ottawa of Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, July 31-Aug. 4, and meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government, 

Sep 20, 1973: 21st Olympic Games, Montreal, 1976.

Mar 22, 1974: “Keep Fit.” 21st Summer Olympic Games, Montreal, 1976. When stamps are observed at an angle the Montreal Olympic Games emblem can be seen.

Nov 1, 1974 Christmas (Paintings):
6c, Nativity, by Jean Paul Lemieux
8c, Skaters at Hull, by Henri Masson
10c, The Ice Cone, Montmorency Falls, by Robert C. Todd. 
15c, Village in the Laurentian Mountains, by Clarence A. Gagnon.

May 15, 1975: Birth centenary of Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942), writer and author of “Anne of Green Gables”; Louis He´mon (1880-1913), writer and author of “Maria Chapdelaine.”

Jun 11, 1975: 21st Olympic Games, Montreal, July 17- Aug. 1, 1976.
Oct 22, 1975: Designs by Canadian School Children: “What Christmas Means to Me.”

Nov 3, 1976: Christmas

May 26, 1977: Tom Thomson (1877-1917), landscape painter, birth centenary.

Sep 16, 1977: Joseph-Elz´ear Bernier (1852-1934), explorer; Sandford Fleming (1827-1915), mapped route for Intercolonial Railway and designed Canada’s first stamp.

Jan 18, Jun 10, 1978: CAPEX ’78, Canadian Intl. Phil. Exhib.,Toronto, June 9-18 (cent. of Canada’s admission to UPU).

May 11, 1979: Charles-Michel d’Irumberry de Salaberry (1778-1829), and John By (1779-1836), Cana- dian colonels. 

Nov 18, 1981: Christmas; bicentenary of 1st illuminated Christmas tree in Canada.

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