Monday, March 7, 2016

India - Water Birds 1994

No better feeling than having a gap filled in your stamp collection. This time, and yes it has been a long time, its the 1994 water birds issue. I am one happy collector today.
This set of stamps was issued by India Post on 23rd Nov 1994. However was withdrawn shortly after issue as the stamps were printed with water soluble ink.

Earlier. Had the used Rs 6, Rs 8 and Rs 11 stamps and the Rs 6 stamp had a minor fault of a missing perforation. No Re 1 stamp here.

Now. Mint Se-tenant block of 4.

Here's my earlier post on the gaps in my Indian collection. I now will have to look for only one stamp, the 1948 - Mahatma Gandhi - Rs 10 to complete my post independence India collection.

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