Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have been adding stamps and rearranging a lot many others in my African stamps collection. In my earlier post on, "How I store my stamps"  I had shown how all my stamps are arranged continent, country wise. A separate "stock sheet in  binders" album for each continent. Currently only one such album is dedicated for African stamps. While I continue to pursue my goal of having an extensive all era all year collection, African stamps has been a neglected area for quite some time. Recently though I have been acqiuring quite a few stamps of African countries. Hence this regular posting on them.

Even though I haven't got anything new of UAR, another flip through has got me to putting this up. Well, United Arab Republic was a union between Egypt and Syria. It existed from 1958 - 1961. Syria broke off from the union in '61 and Egypt continued as UAR until '71. 

My knowledge on these stamps is very limited but their unique nature I need to explore.

1959: Definitives, Set of 17 stamps. I have the following three.
2m - Ahmed Ibn Toulon Mosque
15m - Omayad Mosque, Damascus
40m - Statue

1959: 60m - Douglas DC-6B airliner over Al-Azhar University (Airmail)

1964: 50m - Olympic games, Tokyo, Set of 4. Only 1 of the 4 with me.

1965: 10m - Re-establishment of Egyptian Civil Airlines, "MISRAIR". (Airmail)

1967: 80m - International year of Tourism (Airmail)

1967: 50m -15th Anniv of Revolution. (Airmail)

1967: 20m - 50th Death Anniv of Higazi (lyric stage impresario)

1967: 20m - World savings day

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  1. These are lovely stamps. What is the difference between a cover and a first day cover?

  2. Hi Jocelyn. First of all thanks for visiting the blog. Im not much of an FDC collector but I sure can answer your question here.
    A first day cover is a cover/envelope bearing a stamp that is cancelled on the first day of issue of the stamp. You can check out some FDCs that I have received in this following link, http://mypostagestampscollection.blogspot.in/search/label/China%20cover