Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Canada Registered Post and A Postal Disaster

Yesterday I received this lovely parcel in my mail. What was really heart breaking was that this cover was also torn. I was even more annoyed and disappointed after opening the cover to find all the lovely odd shaped miniature sheets that Laura had sent me torn.

I have lodged a written complaint with my local PO regarding this and Im just hoping it helps. By myself there is no way I can ensure that this wont happen again so I have a humble request to all my trade friends. Its a lil bit of trouble to ensure that philatelic items are not damaged in transit and worth it. Please enclose the contents in a polythene bag and then wrap in card paper or thick paper.

Thank you Laura for this lovely cover and the odd shaped mini sheets and the christmas stamps. The christmas stamps were safe. I have put the sheets in my stock album as atleast the stamps on the sheets aren't damaged.

I wonder if any of you cover collectors around the world or even here in other parts of India are faced with a similar kind of problem. Your turn to share your experiences.

Do feel free to add your thoughts, comments or suggestions
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