Sunday, February 19, 2012

Burkina Faso - Pt2

In continuation to my last post, these are the rest of the stamps of Burkina Faso in my collection.

1985: Fungi
20f - Hypholoma (nematoloma) fasciculare
30f - Ixocomus granulatus
60f - Agaricus campestris
80f - Trachypus scaber
150f - Armillaria mellea

1985: "Italia '85" International Stamp Exhibition, Rome. Paintings by Botticelli.
25f - 
90f - Mars and Venus
100f - Birth of Venus
150f - Allegory of Calumny 

1986: Child Survival Campaign. 90f

1986: Dodo Carnival

20f -
25f - Masked lion dancers
40f - Masked stick dancers and drummers
45f - Stick dancers with elaborate headdresses
90f - Masked elephant dancer
90f - Animal dancers

Stamps below are from 1996. The orchids and Football, France are not listed in Stanley Gibbons. However these are available in Scott and Michel respectively. The Big Cats set is my favourite.

1996: Orchids 

1996: World cup soccer championship. France 1998

1996: Big Cats

100f - Panthera Leo (Lion)
150f - Acinonyx jubatus (cheetah)
175f - Lynx caracal (caracal)

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  1. :) Sure are Jocelyn. Missing one from that set though. Hope Im able to get it sometime soon.