Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some packages received this year, Countries #47 and #48

I got some packages from Thailand, Vanuatu and Namibia of philatelic stuff ofcourse. Thailand earlier this year and Vanuatu and Namibia just this month. Here are the covers of Thailand and Vanuatu, I got my stuff in. Interesting Thailand cover with the exotic stamps.

Those are real grains on the stamps and the other two are authentic Thai silk material used on the stamps. Of the six stamps only one stamp's got the grain missing on it. Shows how well the grain has been stuck to the stamp. Love the stamps

The Thai silk stamps. This is the one in blue. The other ones in gray.

And the Vanuatu cover

Beautiful Champagne Beach stamp. The clear cancellation shows that the cover came from Port Vila and was sent on 08 Dec 2011.

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