Sunday, February 19, 2012

Burkina Faso Pt 1

Off late I have been going through my collection of African stamps and everytime I flip through this single stock page of stamps of Burkina Faso, I just can't stop myself from wanting to have all the stamps of this country.

Burkina Faso, is a landlocked nation in West Africa. Formerly called the Republic of Upper Volta, it was renamed on August 4, 1984. My stamps are mostly of the year 1985 and some from 1996. The stamps are all CTOs, and as I collect CTOs as well, its not too bad that the real postally used ones are difficult to get. Ofcourse I always prefer the postally used ones but then getting those are the real challenges for any collector.

Here are the stamps and these are all incomplete sets. 

1985: National Symbols
5f - National Flag
120f - National Flag (Airmail)

15f - National arms
150f - National arms

1985: World Cup Football Championship, Mexico

1985: Centenary of Motorcycle
50f - Steam tricycle
75f - Pope
80f - Manet
100f - Ducati (Airmail)

1985: Reptiles and Amphibians
5f - Chameleon Dilepis
85f - Hiperolius marmoratus
100f - Echis Leucogaster (Airmail)
150f - Kinixys Erosa

1985 "Argentina '85" International Stamp Exhibition, Buenos Aires. Horses.
25f - Gaucho on Piebald horse
45f - Gaucho on horse
90f - Rodeo rider

1985: Trains
50f - Electric locomotive no 105-30 and tank wagon
80f - Diesel passenger locomotive
100f - Diesel aircar (Airmail)

1985: Handicrafts
10f - Pot (Tikare)
40f - Pot with lid decorated with birds (P. Bazega)
90f - Bronze statuette of mother with child (Ouagadougou) (Airmail)
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