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Canada 1961 - 1971

1964-66: Floral Emblem Series
The first stamp in the 1964-66 "Floral Emblem" series was a stamp designed to promote Canadian unity. The three maple leaves featured on the stamp symbolized the English, French and other groups which joined together to form a united country.
Since 1868, Canada and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec had three conjoined maple leaves as elements in their coats of arms.
The Unity stamp was issued on May 14, 1964,

White trillium and arms of Ontario
White garden lily and arms of Quebec. 
Mayflower (trailing arbutus) and arms of Nova Scotia. 
Purple violet and arms of New Brunswick. 
Prairie crocus and arms of Manitoba. 
Dogwood and arms of British Columbia. 
Lady’s slipper and arms of Prince Edward Island.
Prairie lily and arms of Saskatchewan. 
Wild rose and arms of Alberta.
Pitcher plant and arms of Newfoundland.
Fireweed and arms of Yukon.
Mountain avens and arms of Northwest Territories. 

The Canada Coat of Arms stamp completing the Floral Emblem series was issued on June 30, 1966. 

I have marked red the three stamps missing from the series in my collection.

1964: Christmas
Canada's first Christmas stamps were issued on October 14, 1964.
The stamps showed the  silhouette of a family group of a man, a woman and two children walking off towards a Christmas star in a typical Canadian winter scene. Please also see my earlier post on Christmas stamps of Canada,

1965: Christmas, 3c and 5c, Gifts of the wise men
1966: Christmas, 3c and 5c, Praying hands by Albrecht Duhrer

1967: Centennial Definitive Stamps
The Centennial definitive series issued on February 8, 1967 consisted of twelve stamps. The five lower denomination stamps featured the image of Queen Elizabeth combined with a regional view of Canada.
Canadian art was featured on the seven higher denomination stamps.

1970: Christmas
The 1970 Christmas stamps, issued on October 7, 1970, featured twelve drawings submitted by children to a Canada Post Office national stamp design project. My favourite stamps.

1971: The Maple in Four Seasons
The maple leaf has been a Canadian emblem since the 17th century. Canada Post Office issued a set of four maple stamps over the course of 1971, showing the maple in each season, spring, summer, autumn & winter.
1971: Christmas, Snowflake in denominations of 6c, 7c, 10c & 15c.

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