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My collection of Rwandan stamps - Pt1

Ive been wanting to do this post for a long time but just couldn't for some reason or the other as something or the other always came up. My collection of African stamps is very limited but stamps of African countries seem to fascinate me just as much as any of the countries I wish to have complete country collections of. These countries btw as most of you know are UK, USA, Canada and Australia other than India ofcourse. Yes, I haven't done a single post on any of my UK, Canada and Australia stamps yet. Its a mammoth task and I will soon get to that.

Back to Rwanda......The reason for this fascination is again the variety of flora, fauna, culture etc depicted on the stamps. As usual let me start with a little bit of political history. Rwanda was established as an independent republic on July 1, 1962. With Burundi prior to 1962, it had been a UN trusteeship & territory administered by Belgium.

My collection starts from the 1963 issues of the Centenary of the Red Cross with a lot of missing stamps in each set and year thereafter. Most of the stamps are mint, some CTOs too. The postally used ones are really hard to find.

1965, Abraham Lincoln death centenary
1965, Kagera National Park publicity.
1965, Cattle, ICY emblem and map of Africa
1965, John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)
1965, Christmas
1966, Father Joseph Damien and lepers
1966, Visit of Pope Paul VI to the UN, New York City, Oct. 4, 1965.

1966, Flowers
1966, Opening of WHO Headquarters, Geneva
1966, National youth sports program
1966, World Soccer Cup Championship, Wembley England
1966, Mikeno Volcano and crested shrike
1966, UNESCO 20th Anniv.

1967, Snakes
1967, Paintings. Issued to publicize the work of Caritas-Rwanda, Catholic welfare organization.
1967, EXPO ’67 Emblem, Africa Place
1967, Birds
1968, Sport and mexican art
1968, Flowers

1968, African national costumes
1969, Paintings and music
1969, African headdresses
1969, 10th anniv. of independence
1969, Medicinal plants and health emblem
1969, Paintings of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

1970, Paintings of hroses
1970, African national costumes
1970, 9th World Soccer Championships for the Jules Rimet Cup, Mexico City, 5/30-6/21
1970, EXPO ’70 International Exhibition, Osaka, Japan, Mar. 15-Sept. 13.
1970, Gorillas
1970, 150th anniv. of the discovery of quinine by Pierre Joseph Pelletier (1788-1842) and Joseph Bienaime Caventou (1795-1877), French pharmacologists.

1970, Apollo spaceship
1970, Portraits of Roosevelt and various orchids.
1970, Centenary of Vatican I, Ecumenical Council of the Roman Catholic Church, 1869-70.
1970, African headdresses
1971, Beethoven portraits and

The last set of stamps is from the 1971, 20th Summer Olympic Games, Munich, Aug. 26-Sept. 10, 1972 set. More stamps of later years in subsequent parts to this post.

Do feel free to add your thoughts, comments or suggestions
NOTE: Please click on the images for a larger view / closer look. 

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