Saturday, June 9, 2012

My collection of Rwandan stamps - Pt3

1975, International womens year
1975, National Univ. of Rwanda, 10th anniv.
1975, Nature protection
1975, THEMABELGA Intl. Topical Philatelic Exhibition, Brussels, Dec. 13-21.
1976, Albert Schweitzer
1976, American Bicentennial (Paintings)
1976, 50th anniv. of the Roman Catholic Church of Rwanda
1976, 21st Olympic Games, Montreal, Canada,

1976, Centenary of first telephone call by Alexander Graham Bell, Mar. 10, 1876.
1976, American Bicentennial (Paintings) overprinted in Silver with Bicentennial Emblem and “Independence Day”
1976, 21st Olympic Games, Montreal, Canada,
1976, Apollo Soyuz space test program (Russo- American cooperation), July 1975
1976, Orchids
1976, Nature protection overprinted: “JOURNEE / MONDIALE / 1977”
1977, World telecommunications day
1977, Paintings by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)
1977, Birds of prey
1977, Apollo Soyuz space test program overprinted “in memoriam/WERNHER VON BRAUN/1912-1977
1978, 10th anniversary of Rwanda Boy Scouts.
1978, Chimpanzees
1978, Insects
1978, 11th World cup, Argentina, June 1-25, (Various Soccer Scenes and Flags)

1978, History of aviation
1979, Butterflies
1979, Trees and shrubs
1979, Basket weaving
1979, Sir Rowland Hill (1795-1879), originator of penny postage, and Stamps of Ruanda-Urundi
1980, Birds of the Nyungwe Forest
1980, Rotary Intl., 75th Anniv. (Globe, Emblems of Butare or Kigali Clubs and)
1980, 22nd Summer Olympic Games, Moscow, July 19-Aug 3
1980, Mushrooms

1980, Impressionist painters
1980, Belgian Independence Sesquicentennial: Engravings of War of Independence.
1980, Soil conservation year
1981, Flowers
1981, SOS Children’s Village: Various children
1981, Saturday Evening Post covers by Norman Rockwell

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