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Canada Collection: 1900 - 1960

Canada's first stamp was the Three-Penny Beaver. I will not talk about it much as I don't have the stamp in my collection of Canadian stamps. Mine starts from early 1900. Actually my firsts of Canada are from the Queen Victoria set of 1898 - 1902.

I have two stock albums for my Canandian stamps. I will have separate albums for the souvenir and mini sheets as and when I get them. For now though here are stamps from 1900 to 1960 in my collection. Again a whole lot of gaps for missing stamps. Also I am not concentrating on varieties in perforations but only on designs. I just want to keep it simple for now.

1951 - 55 : Prime Minister Series
The second set in the Prime Ministers series was issued on November 3, 1952 to honour John Abbott and Alexander Mackenzie. The first set in the Prime Ministers series was released on June 25, 1951, during the reign of George VI. The 3 cent stamp honouring Sir Robert Laird Borden is the only stamp from this series I do not have here yet.
The third set in the Prime Ministers Series was issued on November 1, 1954 to honour John Thompson and Mackenzie Bowell.
The fourth and final set in the Prime Ministers Series, issued on November 8, 1955, honoured Conservative Prime Ministers Richard "R.B." Bennett and Charles Tupper.

1953 - 57 : Wildlife Series
From 1953 to 1957 the Canadian Post Office Department issued stamps depicting Canada's wildlife. The issue dates coincided with National Wildlife Week.
The 1953 set, issued on April1 1953, consisted of three stamps:
2 cents Polar Bear
3 cents Moose
4 cents Bighorn Sheep

The 1954 set, issued on April1 1954, consisted of two stamps:
4 cents Walrus
5 cents Beaver
15 cents Gannet
The 1955 set, issued on April1 1955, consisted of three stamps:
4 cents Musk Ox
5 cents Whooping Cranes 
The 1956 set, issued on April1 1956, consisted of three stamps:
4 cents Caribou
5 cents Mountain Goat
And in 1957, a single 5 cent stamp featuring the Loon, was released on April 10, 1957

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