Tuesday, March 1, 2011

India 2009

2009 saw the highest no. of commemorative stamp releases in a year in India, 107. Yes, Ive got all the 107 as seen in the pictures below.

28 Jan '09: Heritage monuments preservation by INTACH:
Jaisalmer Fort, Mangya Monastery, St. Anne's church & Qila Mubarak

03 Feb '09: 50th Anniversary of SAIL

14th Oct'09: Dilwara and Ranakpur Heritage Jain Temple

29th Oct'09: Little Sisters of the Poor

16th Nov'09: India-Phillipines Joint Issue
Butanding and Gangetic Dolphin

1st Dec'09: Greetings

10th Dec'09: Traditional Indian Textiles
Kalamkari, Apa Tani Weaves, Kanchipuram & Banaras Silk


  1. Thanks Soraya. You know.....there is lots more, especially the GB and christmas thematic collection.