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Ghana is the former British colony of Gold Coast, which achieved independence March 6, 1957. It includes the former trusteeship territory of British Togoland.

Miniature Sheets
1995 Singapore '95 International Stamp Exhibition. Prehistoric Animals. Sheets of 9, Set of 2

400ce: a, Seismosaurus (d-f). b, Supersaurus (a, d). c, Ultrasaurus (f). d, Saurolophus (e). e, Lambeosaurus (d, g-h). f, Parasaurolophus (e, i). g, Triceratops (h). h,Styracosaurus (e, g i). i, Pachyrhinosaurus (h).

400ce: a, Peteinosaurus (b, d-e). Christmas b, Quetzalcoatlus (a, c, e). c, Eudimorphodon A320 (b). d, Allosaurus (e-f, h-i). e, Daspletosaurus (f). f, Tarbosaurus (i). g, Velociraptor (h-i). h, Herrerasaurus (i). i, Coelophysis.

1998 30th Anniv. of Elvis Presley's "68 Special" Television Programme.

1999 Australia '99 International Stamp Exhibition, Melbourne. Butterflies. Sheets of 8, Set of 2

1000ce, vert: a, Red admiral. b, Buckeye. c, Desert checkered skipper. d, Orange sulphur. e, Tiger swallowtail. f, Orange-bordered blue. g, Agraulis vanillae. h, Monarch.

1000ce, vert: a, Small tortoiseshell. b, Brimstone. c, Camberwell beauty. d, Marbled white. e, Purple emperor. f, Clouded yellow. g, Ladoga camilla. h, Marsh fritillary.

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