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An independent republic was proclaimed in Java and Sumatra on 17 August 1945 and lasted until the end of 1948. During this period the Dutch controlled the rest of the Netherlands Indies, renamed "Indonesia" in September 1948. On 27 December 1949 all Indonesia except New Guinea became independent as the United States of Indonesia which, during 1950, amalgamated with the original Indonesian Republic (Java and Sumatra), a single state being proclaimed on 15 August 1950 as the Indonesian Republic. This was within the Netherlands-Indonesian Union which was abolished on 10 August 1954.

Semi-Postal Stamps

President Sukarno type inscribed Vertically “Conefo”


2005, Feb. 2. Folktales. Stamps depicting scenes from Lahilote, Gorontalo, Kolam Putri, Riau Islands, Batu Balai, Bangka Belitung, Bulan & Sagu di Ibuanari, Papua.

2006, June 5. Environmental Care.

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