Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The former French Colony on the W. coast of Africa which became fully independent in 1958. My very humble collection of stamps from Guinea

1960. First Anniv of Admission to UPU. 10f and 15f, UPU Monument, Berne.

1963. Conf of African Heads of State. Addis Ababa. 5f, 10f and 15f, African Unity.

1964. 15th Anniv of Declaration of Human Rights. 5f and 20f, Eleanor Roosevelt with children.

1964. New York World's Fair. 50f and 75f, Guinea Pavilion.

1972. Tenth Anniv of African Postal Union
100f. APU emblem and airmail envelope

1974. Centenary of UPU.
10s. Boeing 707, "United States" (liner) and pigeon

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