Sunday, February 27, 2011

India 2008

2008: Some really interesting designs and shapes were released in 2008. No of commemorative stamp releases: 78. Ofcourse you can see all of these in the sheets below. I think I dont have just one, that being the birth centenary of Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj.

2nd Jan'08: Endemic Butterflies of Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Papilio Mayo (Andaman mormon) Male & Female
Pachliopta Rhodifer (Andaman Club Tail) Male & Female

18 Mar '08: 75th Birth Anniversary of Madhubala. Know her real name? Well it is, Mumtaz Begum Jahan Dahlavi  

17th May'08: 30th Anniversary of the AGA KHAN Foundation
Tomb of Humayana & Facets of Social Entertainment

11th Jul'08: India-China Joint Issue, Buddhist Temples

08 Aug '08: XXIX Olympic games, Beijing China.

02 Aug '08: Aldabra Giant Tortoise of Alipore Zoo, Kolkata. Frist ever hexagonal shaped stamps released.

12th Oct'08: Third Commonwealth Youth Games, Belewadi, Pune

8th Dec'08: Merry Christmas. The first ever Indian Christmas stamp release. Got this same setenant stamp as part of my Christmas Thematic collection too.

14th Dec'08: IISC, Bangalore Centenary

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