Saturday, February 12, 2011

India - Setenants Only

First, let me start with what setenant stamps are. Se-tenant stamps are printed from the same plate and sheet and adjoin one another, unsevered in a strip or block. They differ from each other by design, color, denomination or overprint. They may have a continuous design. The word "se-tenant" translates from French as meaning "joined or held together".

India to date has released a whole number of setenant stamps starting from the first below, the 1974 Mathura museum stamp commemorating the Centenary of the Mathura museum. I am posting pictures of all the setenant stamps of India released to date that I have collected so far. Some from all those issued till date I do not have (I will post them here as and when I get them). The pictures here are posted in order of the date of release. 

Please note that in this post the last setenant stamp is the "1999 Unity in Diversity" setenant. 2000 onwards till date will be up on my next post of India - Setenants Only 

9 October 1974 
Mathura Museum

12 Feb 1984 
Presidents review of the Fleet

28 December 1985
Indian National Congress

21 October 1986
Indian Police

16 August 1988

16 August 1990
Indo Soviet Friendship

23 June 1991
Antartic Treaty

25 June 1991
Diamond Jubilee New Delhi

16 September 1991
Hindi Writers

1 March 1992

8 October 1992
Indian Air Force

11 January 1994
Satyajit Ray

2 October 1994
M. Gandhi

2 October 1995
Indo-South Africa

12 November 1996
Dr. Salim Ali

8 March 1997
Parijat Tree

27 March 1997
Philatelic Journal of India

27 March 1997
Buddhist cities

15 October 1997
Medicinal Plants

20 October 1997
Scindia School

15 December 1997
Indipex 97

30 January 1998

8 June 1998
Air India

31 December 1999
Unity in diversity

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