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Disney - St. Vincent

St. Vincent is an island in the West Indies. The British colony of St. Vincent became an associated state in 1969 and independent in 1979.

1988, Dec. 23. Christmas
2c, Morty and Ferdy in open rail car.

1989, Feb. 7. India ’89, Jan. 20-29, New Delhi. Six of eight stamps from the set.
1c, Mickey Mouse as snake charmer,
2c, Goofy tossing rings at a chowsingha antelope.
3c, Mickey, Minnie, blue peacock.
5c, Goofy and Mickey as miners, Briolette diamond.
10c, Goofy as count presenting Orloff Diamond to Catherine the Great of Russia (Clarabelle Cow).
25c, Regent Diamond and Donald Duck as Napoleon (portrait) in the Louvre.

1989, Nov. 17. Exhibition Emblem, Disney Characters and US National Monuments. Six of eight stamps from the set.
1c, Seagull Monument, UT.
2c, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC.
3c, Crazy Horse Memorial, SD.
4c, Uncle Sam Wilson, Troy, NY.
5c, Benjamin Franklin Natl. Memorial, Philadelphia, PA.
10c, Statue of George Washington, Federal Hall, NY.

1992, Dec. 15. Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
5c, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth.

Miniature Sheets
1996, Jan. 8. Disney Characters in Various occupations. A set of eight sheets were issued in this series. Got six.

Merchants: a, Stamp dealer. b, At supermarket. c, Car salesman. d, Florist. e, Fast food carhop. f, Street vendor. g, Gift shop. h, Hobby shop owner. i, Bakery.

Transport workers: a, Delivery service. b, Truck driver. c, Airplane crew. d, Railroad men. e, Bus driver. f, Tour guide. g, Messenger service. h, Trolley conductor. i, Air traffic controller. This sheet has eight stamps. The label replaces the stamp "e, Bus driver."

Sports professionals: a, Basketball player. b, Referee. c, Track coach. d, Ice skater. e, Golfer and caddy. f, Sports-caster. g, Tennis champs. h, Football coach. i, Race car driver. This sheet has eight stamps. The label replaces the stamp "e, Golfer and caddy."

Scientists: a, Paleontologist. b, Archaeologist. c, Inventor. d, Astronaut. e, Chemist. f, Engineer. g, Computer graphics. h, Astronomer. i, Zoologist. This sheet has eight stamps. The label replaces the stamp "e, Chemist."

School of education: a, Classroom teacher. b, Nursery school teacher. c, Band teacher. d, Electronic teacher. e, School psychologist. f, School principal. g, Professor. h, Graduate. This sheet has seven stamps. The label replaces the stamp "d, Electronic teacher."

Sea & shore workers: a, Ship builders. b, Fisherman. c, Pearl diver. d, Underwater photographer. e, Bait & tackle shop owner. f, Bathing suit covergirls. g, Marine life painter. h, Lifeguard. i, Lighthouse keeper. This sheet has eight stamps. The label replaces the stamp "e, Bait & tackle shop owner."

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