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Disney - Lesotho, Sierra Leone and Togo

An enclave within the Republic of South Africa. Basutoland, the British Crown Colony, became independent, October 4, 1966, taking the name Lesotho.

1982, Dec. 1. Christmas. Scenes from Walt Disney’s The Twelve Days of Christmas. Five of eight stamps from the set.

1983, Dec. Christmas. Scenes from Disney’s Old Christmas, from Washington Irving’s Sketch Book. Five of eight stamps from the set.

Sierra Leone
Located in the West coast of Africa, between Guinea and Liberia. Sierra Leone was a British colony and protectorate. In 1961 it became fully independent, remaining within the Commonwealth. It became a republic April 19, 1971.

1983, Nov. Walt Disney, Space Ark Fantasy. Six of eight stamps from the set.
1c Hippopotamus, Huey, Dewey and Louie
1c Mickey Mouse and Snake
3c Elephant and Donald Duck
3c Zebra and Goofy
10c Lion and Ludwig von Drake
10c Rhinoceros and Goofy

1997, Jan. 27. Disney's Aladdin in Christmas scenes
100 le, Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie.

Located in Western Africa, bordering on the Gulf of Guinea. The German Protectorate of Togo was occupied by Great Britain and France in World War I, and later mandated to them. The British area became part of Ghana. The French area was granted internal autonomy in 1956 and achieved independence in 1958.

1980, Sept. 15. Disney Characters and Animals from Fazao Reserve. Six of nine stamps from the set.
1fr, Minnie holding mirror for leopard
2fr, Goofy (Dingo) cleaning teeth of hippopotamus.
3fr, Donald holding snout of crocodile.
4fr, Donald dangling over cliff from horn of rhinoceros.
5fr, Goofy riding water buffalo.
10fr, Monkey taking picture of Mickey.

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