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USA 1957 - 1964

Champion of Liberty - The Champions of Liberty series honors a select group of people who strived for freedom, no matter what the odds. Ramon Magsaysay, the former president of the Phillipines, was the first to be honored by the series.

I have all the stamps in the series and I'm most proud of the set that honors Mahatma Gandhi. Can be seen on the third picture on the left below

1960-61 American credo series
Each stamp from the series features a quote from a historically important American. The stamps are fashioned to resemble colonial currency. Also, symbols that relate to the statement are incorporated into the designs, as well as a likeness of the author's signature. The first contains a statement taken from George Washington's farewell advice to America, specifically those who would be leading the government in the future. All of the credos are important facets of the uniquely american point of view.
I do not have the Lincoln - Credo yet here. Ones you see in the picture on the right above are:
Credo - Washington
Credo - Franklin
Credo - Jefferson
Credo - Key
Credo - Henry

The Project Mercury stamp features the ''Friendship 7'' space capsule flown by John Glenn in the first successful orbit of the Earth. It was printed and distributed to 305 post offices in sealed pouches, long before John Glenn even left on his historic flight. On his safe return, February 20, 1960 at 3:30 pm., Postal headquarters ordered the pouches be opened. Within 1 1/2 hours, many offices sold out their stock

U.S. #1204 was a “Special Issue,” ordered by Postmaster General J. Edward Day in response to an error on U.S. #1203. After a color invert on the yellow background (The yellow background was inverted in relation to the foreground images creating white strips and blotches) was found on the 1962 Dag Hammarskjold stamp, Day ordered a reprinting of the stamp – with the error. A printing of 40 million stamps was made so that the error would not be regarded as a valuable rarity. The special printing was called “Day’s Folly.”

The 5-cent City Mail delivery stamp was issued for the 100th anniversary of Congress' authorization of free mail delivery in cities with a population of 20,000 or greater. Art-work by Norman Rockwell portraying a city letter carrier is featured on the stamp.

The 1964 Christmas stamps were the first American se-tenants. I do not have the se-tenant here, only the individual stamps, but will be more than happy to have one.

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