Wednesday, February 20, 2013

India FDC Collection 1961-1963

I have a few FDCs of India. I was just going through them recently and realized there are quite a few. Was able to sort them year wise and decided to put up posts on them here on the blog.

An FDC or First Day Cover is a stamped and cancelled envelope issued on the day of release of the stamp or stamps it carries. As a rule, an FDC can be posted to any address, local or international with or without additional postage only on the same day of issue. However, here in India, I have seen FDCs posted or sent across, way after the actual day of issue and as a result carrying two cancellations. I have done it myself too.

Here are some FDCs from the early 60s.
24 Dec 1961: Birth Centenary of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya (Patriot & Educationist)

01 Jan 1962: Inaugration of Gauhati Oil Refinery

01 Oct 1962: Wildlife Week

14 Nov 1962: Children's Day.

08 May 1963: Red Cross Centenary

14 Nov 1963: Children's Day.

10 Dec 1963: 15th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights

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  1. I too have some collections though from the 70s. I have revived this interest now again to collect FDCs. Orders on Royal Mail (UK) are sent to me with first day cancellation (after I pay online). But how to arrange for an FDC cancellation from the India Post? Does the counter selling the FDC also cancels it on first day?

    Arindam Sen

    1. Hello Arindam,
      An FDC comes already cancelled and if you want a particular cancellation on any other cover you can request for it at the counter of the post office, but it is limited to the cancellation available there. Generally at the GPO or HPO, you're chances are better than at any other post offices.