Wednesday, February 20, 2013

India FDC Collection 2009

19 Jun 2009: Rampur Raja Library, Uttar Pradesh. Complete set of 4 on FDC.

27 Jul 2009: The complete set of Jayadeva (Poet) and Geetgovinda (Sanskrit verse), 11 stamps on three FDCs. Of these stamps, there are FDCs with the complete se-tenant set of 11 stamps joined together on cover, horizontally as well as vertically. Yeah, these are really long and tall FDCs. I don't have them in my collection yet. 

16 Aug 2009: Heritage Railway Stations of India.

14 Sep 2009: Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Chennai

02 Oct 2009: Mahatma Gandhi

09 Nov 2009: Horses of India

16 Nov 2009 India-Phillipines Joint Issue, Butanding and Gangetic Dolphin.

01 Dec 2009: Greetings

19 Dec 2009: Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers

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