Saturday, February 16, 2013

USA 1925-1935

Lately, I've added these little labels in my stock books of US stamps to indicate year of issue. Its a work in progress and I also will include the catalog nos of the stamps in that year on the label. As, the oldest american stamps I have are from the 1920s, I have started on the first page with the 1925 label and the stamps from 1925. Each year and the stamps from the year follow.

As and when I'm able to acquire earlier issues I will have another stock book for them. But for now here's what Ive got and I will follow this post up with more on all my stamps of the USA. I had earlier done a few posts with my stamps of the US but I intend to do it all over again in the current format of arrangement.

1932 Washington Bicentennial - Complete set
I have all the used stamps from this set. It is the longest U.S. commemorative series ever issued to honor an American President. Each of the 12 stamps is based on a famous painting showing Washington at various stages of his life, from age 40 on the 1¢ stamp to age 66 on the 8¢ stamp.

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