Sunday, February 17, 2013

USA 1936 - 1956

1938 Presidential Series: Many missing in the set but I am very happy about the high face values
$2 W. Harding
$5 Calvin Coolidge

1940 Famous Americans Series: Yes the sole stamp from the series Ive got is from the American scientists set.
1c J.J. Audubon

1941 - 1943: 6 stamps. Ive got 5 with the only stamp of 1941 missing in my collection. What I have that you see below are
3c Kentucky statehood
3c Win the war
3c China resistance
2c Allied nations
1c Four Freedoms

1943-44 Overrun Countries Series: The world war II Axis powers consisted of Germany, Italy and Japan. During the war, these countries conquered large territories. The Axis powers had long prepared for war, developing devastating military technologies. Although many armies bravely opposed the Axis, the enemy strength and strategies were too much. The overrun countries series honors the 13 countries occupied by the Axis. On the left of each stamp is a phoenix, the great bird of fire from Greek mythology, representing eternal rebirth. On the right is a female, breaking the bonds of oppression. Three missing stamps from the series.

1945, 1946, 1947 and 1949: Complete year sets
1948: Two stamps short of a complete year set.

1952, 3c NATO: This issue honored the 3rd anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO's members included the US, Canada and ten Western-European nations. The goal of the treaty was and is to provide for the mutual defense of all the members.

154-61 Liberty Series: Issued between 1954 and 1961, the Liberty Series is filled with the leaders and landmarks of 200 years of America’s history. It honors the guardians of freedom – Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Patrick Henry and others who led the fight for independence, shaped the new government, and guided it through war and peace. Historic landmarks include Independence Hall, Bunker Hill Monument (not seen in my set....yet to acquire), the Alamo and the Statue of Liberty, represented by four stamps in the series. Six stamps missing from this series but still happy with the high face value
$5 Alexander Hamilton

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