Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canada 2003 Till Date

This is probably going to be the final post on my Canadian stamps collection unless I do another statistic post. So after India now, I have been able to post all of my Canadian collection. I still have to put up Australia and UK and of course the rest of my US stamps collection.

2003, Jan. 3: New Year 2003 (Year of the Ram)
2003: Universities
2003, Feb. 21: Bird Paintings by John James Audubon
2003, Oct. 4: Trees of Canada and Thailand
2004, Jan. 8:  New Year 2004 (Year of the Monkey)

2004, Nov. 2: Christmas
2005, Jan. 7: New Year 2005 (Year of the Cock)

2005, Nov. 2: Christmas
2006, Feb. 3: 2006 Winter Olympics, Turin, Italy
2006, Mar. 8: Gardens

2006, May 26: Canadians in Hollywood
2006, June 28: Canadian Forces Snowbirds Aerobatics Team
2006, Aug. 3: Ducks and Duck decoys
2006, Sept. 29: Endangered Animals

2007, Jan. 5: New Year 2007 (Year of the Pig)

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NOTE: Please click on the images for a larger view / closer look.

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