Friday, July 6, 2012

Canada 1982 - 1990

1982: CANADA ’82 Intl. Philatelic Youth Exhibition, Toronto, May 20-24, One stamp missing from this set.

1982-87: Artifacts Definitives
A new series of definitives, featuring Artifacts, appeared in 1982. This type of design lasted just 5-6 years, resulting in 7 low-value and 9 medium value designs.
I have arranged the stamps as per the Scott Catalogue and Nos. Hence the complete set doesn't appear in the first sheet below. The one from the low value and the three from the medium value can be seen in the fourth sheet.
1c Decoy
2c Fishing Spear
3c Stable Lantern
5c Bucket
10c Weathercock
20c Skates
25c Butter Stamp

37c Wooden Plough
39c Settle-Bed
42c Linen Chest
48c Cradle
50c Sleigh Aug
55c Iron Kettle
64c Wood Stove
68c Spinning Wheel
72c Hand-Drawn Cart

1983, Nov. 3: Christmas
1983, Nov. 10: Army Regiments, Centenaries

1985, Oct. 23: Christmas. Paintings by Barbara Carroll.
1986, Oct. 29: Christmas Angels
1988-92, Definitives Low-value Mammals
1c Flying Squirrel
2c Porcupine
3c Muskrat
5c Varying Hare
6c Red Fox
10c Skunk
25c Beaver

Medium-value Mammals
43c Lynx
44c Atlantic Walrus
45c Pronghorn
46c Wolverine
57c Killer Whale
59c Musk Ox
61c Timber Wolf
63c Harbour Porpoise (the only one missing in this set)
74c Wapiti
76c Grizzly Bear
78c Beluga Jan
80c Peary Caribou

1989-92: Architecture, Series 1
$1 Runnymede Library
$2 McAdam Railway Station
$5 Bonsecours Market

1988, July 4: Intl. Entomology Congress, Vancouver
1988, Aug. 19: Dogs
1988, Oct. 27: Christmas
1989, Feb. 1: Canoes
1989, Mar. 22: Explorers of the North
1989, June 23: Photography in Canada, Sesquicentennial
1989, Oct. 4: Performing Arts
1989, Oct. 26: Christmas

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