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Canada 1991 - 1998 Pt1

1991, May 7: Masterpieces of Canadian Art.
Forest, British Columbia by Emily Carr.
1991, May 22: Public Gardens
1991, Sept. 23: Dangerous public service occupations
1991, Oct. 23: Christmas
Santa Claus. The 35c stamp has bar code at left; for use on covers with printed postal code matrix

Low-value Edible Berries (1992-99)
The low-value edible berries first made their appearance August 5, 1992. The designs were the first Canadian low-value definitives to have the design appear continuous across the pane of stamps (pane of 100).
1c Blueberry
2c Wild Strawberry
3c Black Crowberry
5c Rosehip
6c Black Raspberry
10c Kinnikinnick Aug
25c Saskatoon Berry
Medium-value Fruit Trees (1991-96)
The medium-value fruit trees first made their appearance December 27, 1991. Twelve different designs have appeared in both sheet (panes of 50) and booklet (panes of 5) forms.
As postal rates increased on an almost annual basis, three new values were issued on four different occassions: a USA rate (48c-52c), second step rate (65c-71c), and international rate (84c-90c).
USA rate:
48c Macintosh Apple
49c Delicious Apple
50c Snow Apple
52c Gravenstein Apple
2nd step rate:
65c Black Walnut
67c Beaked Hazelnut
69c Shagbark Hickory
71c American Chestnut
International rate:
84c Stanley Plum
86c Bartlett Pear
88c Westcot Apricot
90c Elberta Peach

Architecture, Series 2: 1994-98
$1 Court House, Yorkton, SK
$2 Provincial Normal School, Truro, NS
$5 Public Library, Victoria, BC

1992, Feb. 7: Winter Olympics, Albertville
1992, Mar. 25: City of Montreal, 350th Anniv

1992, Oct. 9: Natl. Hockey League, 75th Anniv.

1992, Nov. 13: Christmas
Santa Claus. Again the bar code on the stamp for use on covers with printed postal code matrix.
1993, May 17: Intl. Year of Indigenous People.
Painting: Drawing for The Owl, by Kenojuak Ashevak.

1993, Sept. 7: Folk Songs
1993, Oct. 1: Dinosaurs
1993, Nov. 4: Christmas
1994, Apr. 22: Canadian Rivers
1994, May 6: Vera, by Frederick H. Varley (1881-1969).
1994: XV Commonwealth Games, Victoria,

1994, Aug. 12
Billy Bishop (1894-1956), Fighter Ace
Mary Travers, “La Bolduc” (1894-1941), folk singer
1994, Nov. 3: Christmas

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