Thursday, July 26, 2012

Canada 1999 - 2002

This is my second album of stamps of Canada. In this album are my Canadian stamps from the year 1999 onwards. Ofcourse there are huge gaps that remain to be filled. And since there are so many gaps I am not sure of having left space enough for all the missing stamps. It is more or less OK and there is always scope for a complete rearrangement. But I will start doing that after I get hold of most of the missing stamps.

1999, Jan. 8: New Year 1999 Year of the Rabbit
1999, Feb. 24: Birds
1999, Mar. 31: Scenic highway
1999, Apr. 27: Paintings (Canadian Orchids)
1999, July 12: 1999 Pan American games, Winnipeg
1999, Oct. 1: Odd shaped Kite designs
a, Master Control, sport kite Lam Hoac (triangular). 
b, Indian Garden Flying Carpet, edo kite by Skye Morrison (trapezoidal). 
c, Gibson Girl, manufactured box kite (rectangular). 
d, Dragon centipede kite by Zhang tian Wei (oval).

2000, Mar. 1: Birds
2000, Apr. 28: Decorated Rural Mailboxes, One stamp missing in this set
2000, Oct. 2: Cetaceans or marine mammals

2001, Jan. 5: New Year 2001 Year of the Snake.
2001, Feb. 1: Birds
2001, Apr. 9: Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team, 25th Anniv.
2001, Oct. 1: Hot Air Balloons

Background colors: a, Green. b, Blue violet. c, Red violet. d, Olive.

2001, Nov. 1: Christmas
2002, Jan. 3: New Year 2002 Year of the Horse
2002, Jan. 25: 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt lake city
2002, May 3: Tulips
2002, May 19: Corals
2002, July 23: 17th World Youth day, Toronto.
2002, Nov. 4: Christmas.

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