Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canada 1991-1998 Pt 2

1995, June 6: Nat. Golf Week. Canadian Amateur Golf Championship, cent. Royal Canadian Golf Assoc., cent.
1995, Aug. 15: Migratory wildlife
45c Monarch butterfly
45c Belted kingfisher
45c Northern pintail
45c Hoary bat
1995, Sept. 15: Canadian Arctic. One stamp missing from this set.
1995, Oct. 2: Comic book characters
1995, Nov. 2: Christmas
1996, Jan. 9: Birds
From 1996 to 2001, Canada post issued a set of four stamps of birds of similar design each year. I have all the six sets in my collection.

1996, July 8: Canadian olympic gold medalists. One stamp missing from this set.
1996, Oct. 1: Winnie the Pooh
1996, Nov. 1: Christmas.
1997, Jan. 10: Birds

1997, Sept. 20: Canada-USSR Ice Hockey “Series of the Century,” 25th Anniv.
1997, Nov. 3: Christmas

1997-2005 High Values Mammals
$1 Loon
$1 White-tailed Deer
$1 Atlantic Walrus,
$2 Peregrine Falcon,
$2 Sable Island Horse,
$2 Polar Bear
$5 Moose
$8 Grizzly Bear:  The number 8 has been incorporated into the bear's rear right limb, the green grass and blue sky have been printed using tiny bear images, and the two lines below CANADA actually consist of the words "MAILPOSTE" engraved repetitively.
The two stamps in red are missing from my collection of this set of definitives.
1998, Mar. 13: Birds
1998, Nov. 6: Christmas, Sculpted wooden angels: 
45c, “Angel of Last Judgment” blowing trumpet. 
52c, “Adoring Angel” raising hand. 
90c, “Adoring Angel, Kneeling,” by Thomas Baillairg

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