Friday, November 2, 2012


I have started rearranging my stamps since some time now, those that have not been so far, in the chronological order of date and year of release. Recently I finished with the few stamps of Sweden I have.

Most Swedish stamps are not perforated on all sides, if you've noticed. They are either perforated vertically / horizontally or on three sides, reason being that most of them are released in the booklet format.

I am just listing out below some of the complete sets and short sets in my small collection of these stamps.
1963, Sept. 16: 300th anniversary of the Swedish Board of Health. Dr. Du Rietz (1607-1682) was first president of the “Collegium Medicorum,” forerunner of the Board of Health.
Perf. 12 1/2 Vertically
35o dark blue
2k dark red
Perf. 12 1/2 on 3 sides
25o brown

1975, June 13: European Architectural Heritage Year 1975.
75o Skelleftea Church Village, 17th cent.
75o Foundry and furnace, Engelsberg, 18th cent.
75o Gunpowder Tower, Visby.
75o Falun Mine pithead gear, 1852.
75o Officers’ Mess, Rommehed, 1798.

1984, Aug. 28: Medieval Towns. Engravings by E. Dahlbergh or M. Karl.
1.90k Jonkoping
1.90k Karlstad
1.90k Gavle
1.90k Sigtuna
1.90k Norrkoping
1.90k Vadstena

1986, Apr. 11: Olof Palme (1927-1986), Prime Minister

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