Friday, November 9, 2012

Russia - Pt 3

Stamps of Russia -
1993, Feb. 25: Characters from Children’s Books
2r, Scrub and Rub.
3r, Big Cockroach.
10r, The Buzzer Fly.
15r, Doctor Doolittle.
25r, Barmalei.
1993, Dec. 30: Wildlife
250r Phascolarctos cinereus
250r Monachus schauinslandi
250r Haliaeetus leucocephalus
250r Elephas maximus
250r Grus vipio
250r Ailuropoda melanoleuca
250r Phocoenoides dalli
250r Eschrichtius robustus

1999, Jan. 29: Hunting
1r Wild turkey
1.50r Ducks
2r Releasing raptor
2.50r Wolves
3r Bear
1999, Sept. 30: Native sports
2r Kalmyk wrestling
2r Horse racing
2r Stick tossing
2r Reindeer racing
2r Weight lifting
2004, Aug. 12: Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), Block of four.
8r Gulo gulo: a, With pine branches. b, With dead bird. c, On tree branch. d, With young.

2006, June 6: Flowers, Block of four.
7r a, Spring flowers. b, Summer flowers. c, Fall flowers. d, Winter flowers
2006, Aug. 29: Fauna of Sakha Republic
3r, Rhodostethia rosea. 
4r, Grus leucogeranus.
5r, Ursus maritimus.
6r, Equus caballus. 
7r, Rangifer tarandus.
2008, Aug. 29: Wildlife Definitives. Complete set of 15

Miniature / Souvenir Sheets:
1997, Mar. 20: Coat of Arms of Russia, 500th Anniv.
1999, Apr. 12: Intl. Space Station
2000, Jan. 5: Christianity, 2000th Anniv. 3r. Sheet of 3
a, Mother of God mosaic, St. Sofia Cathedral, Kiev, 11th cent. 
b, Christ Pantocrator fresco, Church of the Savior’s Transfiguration Polotsk, Belarus, 12th cent. 
c, Volodymyr Madonna, Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, 12th cent.
2003, Apr. 15: Baltic Fleet, 300th Anniv.

2003, Sept. 9: Russia-Iran Joint issue. Caspian Sea Fauna
2.50r a, Phoca caspica. b, Huso huso.
2006, Aug. 29: Fauna of Sakha Republic
2008 Apr. 15: Beijing Olympics

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