Friday, November 9, 2012

Russia - Pt 2

1987, July 2: Ferns
1987, Aug. 25
4k, 14th-16th Century Postrider
5k, 17th cent. postman and 17th cent. kibitka (sled).
10k, 16th-17th cent. ship and 18th cent. packet.
30k, Railway station and 19th cent. mailcars.
35k, AMO-F-15 bus and car, 1905.
1988, Jan. 4: 1st Soviet Postage Stamp, 70th Anniv.
1988, May 20: Hunting Dogs

1990, Aug. 15: Prehistoric Animals
1990, Oct. 3:
25k, Killer whales
25k, Northern sea lions
25k, Sea Otter
25k, Common Dolphins
1991, Jan. 4: Marine Life

1991, Mar. 14
20k, G. I. Shelekhov (1747-1795), Alaska colonizer.
25k, Yuri A. Gagarin
30k, A. A. Baranov, (1746-1819), first governor of Russian America.
50k, I. A. Kuskov, founder of Fort Ross, California.
1991, Sept. 4: 1992 Summer Olympic games in Barcelona. Complete set in blocks of 2

1991, Oct. 4: Folk Holidays. Complete set. Almost all in blocks of 2
15k, Ascension, Armenia
15k, New Year, Azerbaijan
15k, Ivan Kupala Day, Byelorussia
15k, Berikaoba, Georgia
15k, New Year, Estonia
15k, Kaszakhstan
15k, Kys Kumai, Kirgizia
15k, Ivan Kupala Day, Latvia
15k, Palm Sunday. lithuania
15k, Plugushorul, Moldavia
15k, Shrovetide, Russia
15k, New Year, Tadzhikistan
15k, Spring Tulips, Uzbekistan
15k, Harvest, Turkmenistan
15k, Christmas, Ukraine

Semi-Postals -
1988, Dec. 27: Armenian earthquake relief. Complete set, Block of 4
1990, July 3: Lenin’s Children Fund. Complete set, Block of 4

And the Miniature Sheets -
1977, Sept. 22: Equestrian and fencer.
1981, Dec. 17: 1st direct telephone link with India.
50 k, Kremlin and New Delhi Parliament
1987, Aug. 25
50k, Postal headquarters, Moscow, and modern postal delivery trucks.

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