Thursday, November 8, 2012

Russia - Pt 1

I am going to have three parts to this post on my collection of Russian stamps. I will start with my stamps of the USSR followed by those of modern day Russia. Since my last post on my Russian stamps, I have been able to make some progress if not a lot and Im more than delighted. And the progress is not only with the number of stamps in my collection but also with the quality of the posts, atleast in my highest opinion. 

And as usual a little history to start off with.....An empire until 1917, the government was overthrown in that year and a socialist union of republics was formed under the name of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The USSR includes the following autonomous republics which have issued their own stamps: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. 
With the breakup of the Soviet Union on Dec. 26, 1991, eleven former Soviet republics established the Common wealth of Independent States. Stamps inscribed “Rossija” are issued by the Russian Republic.

Here now are short descriptions of the stamps in complete sets or almost complete sets in the collection. 

1966: Definitives. Short set. 9 out of 12. The ones in red are missing in my collection.
1k, Congress Palace, Moscow, and map of Russia.
2k, Soft Landing on Moon 
3k, Boy, girl and Lenin banner. 
4k, Flag. 
6k, Plane and Ostankino Television Tower. 
10k, Soldier and Soviet star. 
12k, Steel worker. 
16k, “Peace,” woman with dove. 
20k, Demonstrators in Red Square,
30k, Symbols of Agriculture and Chemistry 
50k, Newspaper, plane, train and Communications Ministry. 
1r, Lenin and industrial symbols.

1974, Nov. 20: Flora of the USSR
1976, Definitives. Short set. 9 out of 12.
1k, Armed Forces Order
2k, Golden Star and Hammer and Sickle medals. 
3k, Worker and Farmer by V. I. Muhina.
4k, Coat of arms and “CCCP.” 
6k, TU-154 plane, globe and airmail envelope. 
10k, Order of Labor. 
12k, Space exploration medal with Gagarin portrait. 
16k, Lenin Prize M. N. medal.
20k, Marx and Lenin, by Fridman and Belostotsky 
30k, Council for Mutual Economic Aid Building
50k, Lenin, 1920 Photograph
1r, Globe and Sputnik Orbits

1981, May 20: Flowers of the Carpathian Mountains
1981, Aug. 20: Song birds.
1983, June 14: Spring Flowers
1984, Feb. 16: Moscow Zoo, 120th Anniv.
1984, May 5: Aquatic Plants

1985, July 10: Medicinal plant from Siberia
1986, Jan. 15: Flora of Russian Steppes, different.
1986, May 15: Toadstools

Do feel free to add your thoughts, comments or suggestions
NOTE: Please click on the images for a larger view / closer look.

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