Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo Stamps

Now this is novel and something really interesting that I discovered as I was browsing the web searching and looking for information related to some US stamps. Its amazing how a square inch can become the most powerful marketing tool.

What I am talking about here, is promotional marketing using valid / real postage stamps or use of stamps in general for personal or business usages.

A company called in the US, offers the following services to its customers:
PC Postage Service offers people an easier solution to posting material. It allows you, with an internet connection, to digitally print postal stamps right in the convenience of your own home/office without the hassle of going to a post office. It claims to be around 80% cheaper for businesses who post in bulk and all mail can be easily tracked.
The PhotoStamps is according to me, unique! This feature allows its users to upload they favorite photos, graphics of company logos onto the site. They can also save them for future purchases. There they can edit them (by zooming, cropping, rotating and adding borders) to create professional looking, high-quality, adhesive-backed postage stamps, which I should add, is totally approved by the U.S. Postal Service.This is especially useful for small businesses or offices who want to promote any new products or services in an off-beat manner.
This service however, is limited to postage within the US alone and not international.

I will have to check to see how many more such offerings by how many other companies are out there. In any case I know for sure that such a service is not available in India and think not in many other countries too.

At the same time I'm also wondering now whether these stamps will be of interest to collectors. Someday will they find place in stamp catalogs or will there be a specific catalog of only these photo stamps? Could this be the future of postage stamps? Anyway for now, there are more than 500,000 regular postage stamps from all eras out there and more are being released and issued each year for collectors like me to be interested in and be amused with. So I for one will stick to that. Happy collecting.

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