Sunday, October 2, 2011

USA - 1938

I will be posting my collection of stamps from the USA here, today onwards. My USA collection consists of 4 stock albums of stamps from early years till date. Lot many gaps in it to be filled. My aim is to have a complete all era US collection, however filling those gaps from the early years may not be possible as the stamps are really very expensive and hard to come by.
Anyway getting to the fun part, here is the 1938 presidential series. Out of the 32 stamps I have only the following as of now.

1c. G. Washington
1 1/2c. M. Washington
2c. J. Adams
3c. T. Jefferson
7c. A. Jackson
8c. M. Van Buren
9c. W. H. Harrison
10c. J. Tyler
13c. M. Fillmore
15c. J. Buchanan
20c. J. Garfield
25c. W. McKinley
30c. T. Roosevelt
50c. W. Taft
$1. W. Wilson

So 17 missing stamps from the set. Sooner than later I hope.
Btw just a little bit of general knowledge here. :):) Calvin Coolidge (the last stamp in this set that I still do not have) was the 30th president of the US of A. Till date US has had 44, Barack Obama being the 44th.

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