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More stamps of USA: Commemoratives 1955 - 74

Following are stamps from my collection of US stamps from the period 1955 to 1974. These are all from the first of four albums of US stamps I have. I do have some of the early issues, stamps from early years in this album too, however I am not posting pictures of them here yet as they are very few in no and scattered across the first few pages of the album.

1960 - 61: American Credo Series:
Each stamp from this series features a quote from a historically important American. The first of the series which you can see above contains a statement taken from George Washington's farewell advice to America.
I have only two of the six stamps from this set yet.

In the stock pages above one of the stamps you see is the 1961 "Project Mercury stamp". This stamp was printed and distributed to post offices in sealed pouches long before the historic flight. The stamps were mostly all sold out as soon as the postal headquarters ordered the pouches be opened.

1962: The first US christmas stamp. Wreath & Candles.

1964: The 1964 christmas stamps were the first American Se-tenants. Ofcourse what you see above are the individual used stamps from the set.

1967: Accomplishment in space
5c. Astronaut
5c. Gemini 4 capsule

Some Facts
  • The 1971, The Wake of the Ferry stamp honors John Sloan (1871 - 1951). Sloan is noted for his paintings, etchings and illustrations of city subjects, landscapes and figures.
  • At the first day of issue ceremonies for the Prevent Drug Abuse stamp, Postmaster General Winton M. Blount stated the stamp is not a commemorative stamp at all. It is rather a warning a call to the American people to lift up those who have fallen under the use of drugs
CARE is a private, nonprofit agency that was formed by 22 private organizations. The letters stand for Cooperative American Relief Everywhere.

1973: American Arts. Complete set.

8c. George Gershwin - Composer
8c. Robinson Jeffers - Poet
8c. Henry O. Tanner - Artist
8c. Willa Cather - Novelist

1973: Colonial Communications. Complete set.
8c. Pamphleteer
8c. Posting a Broadside
8c. Colonial Postrider
8c. Drummer & Soldiers

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