Sunday, October 2, 2011

USA - Prominent Americans Series 1965-1981

1c. Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President
2c. Frank L. Wright, Architect
3c. Francis Parkman, Historian
4c. Abraham Lincoln
5c. George Washington
6c. F D Roosvelt, 32nd President
8c. A. Einstein, Scientist
10c. Andrew Jackson, 7th President
12c. Henry Ford
13c. John F. Kennedy, 35th President
15c. O.W. Holmes, Supreme court
20c. George C. Marshall, Statesman
25c. Frederick Douglass, Abolitionist
30c. John Dewey, Educator
40c. Thomas Paine, Journalist
50c. Lucy Stone, Suffragette
$1. Eugene O' Neil, Playwright

Only 2 stamps missing of the complete set of 19.

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