Thursday, September 29, 2011

Covers from China

On September10, 2011, China National Philatelic Corporation issued a set of two first day covers carrying a set of four special stamps entitled, ''Traditional Sports of Ethnic Minorities of China (II)" with a total face value of 4.80 yuan. The pictures on the stamps are entitled,
Board Shoes Racing (Zhuang)
Single Bamboo Drifting (Miao)
Spinning Top (Yi) and
Stilt Racing (Tujia)

And on September12, 2011, it issued a first day cover carrying a set of two special stamps entitled, ''Lord Guan" with a total face value of 2.40 yuan and a souvenir sheet cover. The pictures on the stamps are entitled,
Lord Guan riding his Steed
Night Reading
The souvenir sheet is entitled "Lord Guan with a face value of 6 yuan.

A big thank you to Hubin once again for these great FDCs.

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  1. Hi Vivin,

    I'm Eqbal from Malaysia. I have special stamps from Malaysia. Do visit my blog.

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