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Once part of the Belgian territory, Ruanda-Urundi. Independent on 1 July 1962, when a monarchy was established. After a revolution in 1967 Burundi became a republic.

1963 Prince Rwagasore Memorial and Stadium Fund. Complete Set
1f., 5f. Prince and stadium; 1f.50, 6f.50 Prince and memorial.

1963 1st Anniv of Admission to UNO. Emblems and values in black. Complete Set
8f. ITU; 10f. WMO; 20f. UPU; 50f. FAO.

1964 Canonization of 22 African Martyrs. Inscriptions in gold. Complete Set
1f., 8f. Group of martyrs. HORIZ: 4f., 14f., Pope John XXIII and King Mwambutsa IV.

1965 Worlds Fair, New York (2nd series) with silver backgrounds. Complete Set

1965 International Co-operation Year. Complete Set
1f. Globe and ICY Emblem
4f. Map of Africa and cogwheel emblem of UN Science and Technology Conference
8f. Map of South-East Asia and Colombo Plan emblem
10f. Globe and UN emblem
18f. Map of Americas and “Alliance for Progress” emblem
25f. Map of Europe and CEPT emblems
40f. Space map and satellite (UN—“Peaceful Uses of Outer Space”)

1966 Prince Rwagasore and Pres. Kennedy Commemoration. Complete Set
10f. Prince Rwagasore and Pres. Kennedy; 20f. Pres. Kennedy and memorial library. 40f. King Mwambutsa at Pres. Kennedy's grave.

1967 Churchill Commemoration. Complete Set
5f. Sir Winston Churchill and St. Paul's Cathedral; 15f. Tower of London; 20f. Big Ben and Boadicea statue, Westminster.

1967 1st Anniv of Republic. Complete Set
5f. Pres. Micombero and Flag
14f. Memorial and Arms
20f. View of Bujumbura and Arms
30f. “Place de la Revolution” and President Micombero

1969 Air. Human Rights Year. Complete Set
Hand holding Flame

1970 International Educational Year. Complete Set
3f. Library
5f. Examination
7f. Experiments in the laboratory
10f. Students with electron microscope

1971 Easter. Complete Set
3f. “The Resurrection” (Il Sodoma)
6f. “The Resurrection” (Del Castagno)
11f. “Noli Me Tangere” (Correggio)
14f. “The Resurrection” (Borrassa) (air)
17f. “The Resurrection” (Della Francesca)
26f. “The Resurrection” (Pleydenwyurff)

1971 International Letter-writing Week. Paintings by Durer. Complete Set
6f. “Venetian Girl”
11f. “Jerome Holzschuhers”
14f. “Emperor Maximilian”
17f. Altar painting, Paumgartner
26f. “The Halle Madonna”
31f. Self-portrait

1971 Christmas. Paintings of “Virgin and Child” Complete Set
3f. “The Virgin and Child” (Il Perugino)
5f. Del Sarto
6f. Morales
14f. Da Conegliano (air)
17f. Lippi
31f. Leonardo da Vinci

1971 UNESCO “Save Venice” Campaign. Complete Set
3f.+1f. “Archangel Michael” (icon, St. Mark's)
5f.+1f. “La Polenta” (Longhi)
6f.+1f. “Gossip” (Longhi)
11f.+1f. “Diana's Bath” (Pittoni)
10f.+1f. Casa d'Oro (air)
17f.+1f. Doge's Palace
24f.+1f. St. John and St. Paul Church
31f.+1f. “Doge's Palace and Piazzetta” (Canaletto)

1972 Easter. Paintings. Complete Set
3f.50 “Ecce Homo” (Metzys)
6f.50 “The Crucifixion” (Rubens)
10f. “The Descent from the Cross” (Portormo)
18f. “Pieta” (Gallegos)
27f. “The Trinity” (El Greco)

1972 Christmas. “Madonna and Child” paintings Complete Set
5f. A. Solario
10f. Raphael
15f. Botticelli
18f. S. Mainardi (air)
27f. H. Memling
40f. Lotto

1973 Centenary of Stanley/Livingstone African Exploration. Complete Set
5f. H. M. Stanley
7f. Expedition bearers
13f. Stanley directing foray
15f. Dr. Livingstone (air)
18f. Stanley meets Livingstone
27f. Stanley conferring with Livingstone

1974 Christmas. Showing “Virgin and Child” paintings. Complete Set
5f. Van Orley
10f. Hans Memling
15f. Botticelli
18f. Hans Memling (different) (air)
27f. F. Lippi
40f. L. di Gredi

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