Monday, January 31, 2011

India MS: 2007

07 Feb 2007, Fragrance of Roses
Clockwise Bhim, Delhi Princess, Jawahar and Neelam.
This is a scented sheet.

27 Feb 2007, Fairs of India
Clockwise Sonepur Fair (Bihar), Puskar Fair (Rajasthan), Carnival (Goa), Baul Mela (West Bengal)

08 Mar 2007, Interantional Women's day

02 May 2007, 2550 years of Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha

09 Aug 2007, 150 years of First War of Independence
Battle at Kanpur, Battle of Lucknow

17 Aug 2007, Landmark Bridges of India
Clockwise Howrah Bridge, Mahatma Gandhi Setu Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu Bridge and Pamban Bridge

14 Oct 2007, 4th CISM (International Military Council) Military World Games, Hyderabad & Mumbai.

08 Oct 2007, Platinum Jubilee of Indian Air Force
Westland wapiti biplane
IL-78 MK-1 Flight Refueller Aircraft
Airbourne warning & control system

14 Nov 2007, Children's Day

22 Nov 2007, Renewable Energy

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  1. Fragrance of Roses ... My favorite!!! India should have more scented stamps!