Wednesday, January 26, 2011

India Collection: Definitives 1949 till date

1st Series
15 Aug 1949: 2nd Anniversary of Independence. Archealogical and Historical Monuments.

2nd Series 
26 Jan 1955: 5th Anniversary of Republic. Five year Plan.

3rd Series
1st Apr 1957: Map of India

4th Series
1965-75: Agriculture, Tourism, Export Promotion and Others

5th Series
20 Aug 1974: Modification of the 4th Series

 6th Series

3rd Sep 1979: Rural Prosperity

7th Series
1986: Family Planning, Energy Conservation & Technology

8th Series 
Special Definitives

9th Series 
30th Apr 2000: Flora & Fauna

10th Series 
2008-2009: Builders of Modern India

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