Tuesday, January 25, 2011

India 1981-85

Brides in Traditional Indian Costumes. Two of the stamps can be seen in my earlier post of "India 1977-80".

Tribes of India
IX Asian Games, New Delhi.
Indian Flowering Trees
Indian butterflies

Festival of India, London. Ancient Sculpture
Himalayan Flowers
IX Asian Games, New Delhi (6th Issue), Set of 4
IX Asian Games, New Delhi (7th Issue), Set of 2
INPEX-82, National stamp exhibition, New Delhi.

7th Non-aligned Summit conference, New Delhi
Commonwealth Day
India's struggle for freedom
Bicentennary of Manned Flight.
7th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, New Delhi

XXIII Olympic games, Los Angeles
Forts of India
Indian Roses

Festival of India in France & USA (1st issue). The 2r stamp depicting the copper coin of Yaudheya tribe is missing here.

12th Feb 1984: President's Review of the Fleet

10th Oct 1985: 25th Anniversary of Border Roads

19th Nov 1984: Homage to Indira Gandhi

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