Sunday, January 23, 2011

India 1951-56

Three stamps were issued, The Century of Geological survey of India and the two stamps on the First Asian Ganes, New Delhi. My copy of the 2a First asian games stamp is slightly damaged with the perforation teeth on the top right corner cut. I will get a replacement soon, however till such time the stamp remains in my album as a space filler

The six stamps on Indian saints and poets - The second row of stamps

Five stamps from the Railway centenary stamp you see as the last stamp on the second row to the whole of the third row that has the Conquest of Mt. Everest and the Centenary of Indian Telegraphs stamps.

Postage stamp centenary, Set of 4
United Nations day
Fourth world forestry congress, Dehra Dun

Missing one here is the Round Parasol and Bodhi Tree stamp.

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