Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Mail 2014 - 6, Spain

Christmas cover from Spain. Thank you so much Juan Blanco . Both the Class A and Class B stamps issued on 11th November by Spanish Post are on this cover. One is in a classic style and the other, modern.

The Class A stamp bears the image of a stained-glass window depicting a typical scene of the birth of Baby Jesus, with the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. It is accompanied by the message “Merry Christmas” written in the four official languages spoken in Spain. Cold foil was added to the stamp to accentuate the colours and give greater depth to the stained-glass image.

The Class B stamp in mini-sheet format is made up of six equal stamps joined together to form a Christmas tree. The mini-sheet as a whole frames a Christmas card full of good wishes to “Light up Your Christmas”. Unique to the stamp is the novelty of thermal ink, that gives the impression that the stars shine when you slide your fingers over them.

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  1. I will go to Spain for holidays. I haven't seen these stamps "alive" yet!
    Every year in Spain they issued one "A" (national) with a traditional image and one "B" (Europe rate) more modern. I like these ones!

    1. I like them too. I like most Spanish Christmas stamps. You must see what I've got in Christmas stamps of Spain and now I need to get both these stamps and the mini sheet of the class B stamp too.