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Antigua is an island located in the West Indies, southeast of Puerto Rico.

Antigua was one of the presidencies of the former Leeward Islands colony 15 until becoming a Crown Colony in 1956. It became an Associated State of the United Kingdom in 1967 and an independent nation on November 1, 1981, taking the name of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua stamps were discontinued in 1890 and resumed in 1903. In the interim, stamps of Leeward Islands
were used. Between 1903-1956, stamps of Antigua and Leeward Islands were used concurrently.

Above is a sheet of all the stamps of this island country, I have in my collection. There is only one stamp I've got inscribed Antigua & Barbuda. Stamps were inscribed Antigua & Barbuda post independence in 1981.

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