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Pictorial Cancellations of Karnataka Postal Circle - Pt 2

Here are some more of those cancellations on postcards that I got yesterday. The pack has this written on the inside. "A cancellation is the postmark impressed on the postage stamp, confirming that the fee has been credited for transmitting the postal articles. Before postage stamps came into being it was the cancellation that was the postmark. The cancellation has evolved from a seal mark to machine franking, yet retaining its significance in the form of a pictorial cancellation which would be a permanent postmark in the post office. These pictorial cancellations are artistically designed to enhance the importance of a historic site, a tourist center and the uniqueness of architecture in a place of tourist interest or even a Philately exhibition of national or international importance. Like stamps these cancellations have a message of their own to convey."

Bear Sanctuary
Bellary District
K.U. Campus, Kamalapura - 583 276

Bear Sanctuary is situated at Daroji in Bellary District. The cancellation depicts a bear logo of the sanctuary.

Cancellation was introduced on 5th Jan. 2011.

Hassan District
Belur Sub Post Office - 573 115

Cancellation depicts Darpana Sundari from the 12th century Hoysala temple of Belur. Though a little smudgy all the elements of the design can be seen almost clearly.

Cancellation was introduced on 2nd Jan 1978

Bijapur District
Bijapur Head Post Office - 571 438

It was the capital of Adilshah Dynasty. Cancellation depicts Gol Gumbaz, the tomb of Sultan Mohd. Shah, one of the largest domes in the world.

Cancellation was introduced on 28th Sep. 1987.

Butterfly Park
Bangalore District
Bannerghatta Post Office - 560 083

The cancellation depicts a drawing of the butterfly - "Papilio Buddha" also called "Malabar Banded Peacock"

Cancellation was introduced on 23rd May. 2009.

Chamundi Hills
Mysore District
Chamundi Hills Branch Post Office - 570 010

On the cancellation is a depiction of the statue of Mahishasura. The Chamundeshwari temple situated at Chamundi hills is a tourist spot. Mysore gets its name from the Mahishasura, the demon king of Hindu mythology. The statue is located near the temple.

Cancellation was introduced on 10th Dec  2005.

Dakshina Kannada District
Dharmasthala Post Office - 571 438

Cancellation depicts the front view of the Temple of Lord Manjunatheshwara

Cancellation was introduced on 2nd Jan. 1989.

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