Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pictorial Cancellations of Karnataka Postal Circle - Pt 1

Today, being a Saturday, and a day-off from work I made a trip to the post office. Usually a few stamps and sheets is what I purchase. But today, the attendant also brought out this wonderful pack of 31 postcards with special pictorial cancellations from post offices around the state of Karnataka. As there were only 15 such packs up for grabs, I did not hesitate one bit to buy it and now again Im a happy collector, these lovely cancelled postcards added to my collection.

Bagalkot District
Aihole Branch Post Office - 587 138

This cancellation features the Chalukyan Royal Emblem. This royal insignia is found engraved on the front pillars of the Durga Temple at Aihole.

Cancellation was introduced on 28th Feb. 1990.

Bijapur District
Badami Sub Post Office - 587 201

Badami was the capital of the Chalukyan Empire and is known for its cave temples. This cancellation depicts Nataraja

Cancellation was introduced on 29th Sep. 1987.

Mysore District
Bandipur Branch Post Office - 587 201

Bandipur is a Tiger reserve and falls in the Project Tiger area where the census of tigers is taken by studying their pugmarks. Cancellation depicts the paw of a tiger

Cancellation was introduced on 1st Apr. 1992.

Rest of the cancellations in subsequent posts.

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