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Pictorial Cancellations of Karnataka Postal Circle - Pt 3

Belgaum District
Halashi Branch Post Office - 591 142

Cancellation depicts the Royal logo of Kadamba (the major Royal Family) in the year 325 to 545 AD and 1000 to 1050 AD. Ruled most parts of Karnataka and Goa and Halashi as second capital

Cancellation was introduced on 4th May 1993.

Hassan District
Halebidu Sub Post Office - 573 121

Cancellation depicts one of the bracket dancing figures popularly known as Shilabalikas, from the Hoysala Temple at Halebidu.

Cancellation was introduced on 2nd Jan 1978.

Bellary District
Hampi Sub Post Office - 573 121

It was a glorious capital of the mighty Vijayanagara Empire. Cancellation depicts the stone chariot.

Cancellation was introduced on 2nd Jan 1978.

Udupi District
Karkala Head Post Office - 574 104

The place is a famous Jain pilgrimage center and famous for the 13 meter high monlithic statue of Gammateshwara. Cancellation depicts a seated Thirthankara.

Cancellation was introduced on 5th Feb. 1991.

Kokkare Bellur
Mandya District
Kokkare Bellur Branch Post Office - 571 433

Kokkare Bellur village is a sanctuary for spotted pelicans and other migratory birds. Cancellation depicts a flying pelican.

Cancellation was introduced on 28th Jan 1992.

Udupi District
Kollur Sub Post Office - 574 104

The pictorial cancellation depicts the front view of the Kollur Mookambika Temple and is a place of pilgrimage.

Cancellation was introduced on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Post Office building on 13th Nov. 1991.

Kodagu District
Madikeri Head Post Office - 574 104

Cancellation depicts the ODIKATHI, a dagger and a PEECHIKATHI, a small knife used by the Kodava community as part of their ceremonial dress.

Cancellation was introduced on 1st Apr. 1992.

Madrasa of Mohammed Gawan
Bidar District
Bidar Head Post Office - 585 401

Cancellation depicts the Madrasa of Mohammed Gawan. It is unclear here but a close look at the picture may help in identifying the cancellation better. The Madrasa is one of the most ambitious pieces of medieval architecture built by Mohammed Gawan at Bidar in 1472 AD. Mohammed Gawan was the general of the Bahamani Kings. He was an administative reformer and an eminent educationist.

Cancellation was introduced on 11th Dec 2005.

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