Saturday, October 20, 2012

Twin Motored Transport Plane - US Airmail Stamps

Here is the complete set of used US airmail stamps featuring the Twin-motored transport airplane. Earlier I had only 3 of these. This is a significant achievement as I boast of the complete set in my collection.

The stamps with the Twin-motored transport airplane design made their appearance beginning in 1941 and were intended to cover the various rates in effect for both domestic and overseas airmail service.

Twin-Motored Transport Plane: 6¢ Carmine. This covered domestic airmail service.

Twin-Motored Transport Plane: 8¢ Olive green. This was required when postage rates were increased to help finance WW II. It was first issued on March 12, 1944, at Washington, D.C.

Twin-Motored Transport Plane: 10¢ Violet. This covered airmail service to areas in the West Indies, as well as Central and South America. Its first issue date was on August 15, 1941, in Atlantic City, NJ.

Twin-Motored Transport Plane: 15¢ Brown carmine. This covered airmail service to areas in the West Indies as well as Central and South America. On August 19,1941, this stamp was first issued in Baltimore, MD.

Twin-Motored Transport Plane: 20¢ Bright green. This was intended for use on trans-oceanic airmail. First issued in Philadelphia, PA, this stamp was available on August 27, 1941.

Twin-Motored Transport Plane: 30¢ Blue. This was used on trans-oceanic airmail. Kansas City, MO was the place of first issue on September 25, 2941.

Twin-Motored Transport Plane: 50¢ Orange. Like the 20¢ issue, this stamp replaced the Trans-Pacific airmail issue of the same denomination. On October 29, 1941, this stamp was issued at St. Louis, MO.

Though I do not have the trans-pacific airmail stamps in my collection today, I will put them up as soon as Im able to find them. 

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